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4. How do I collect sales tax? Failure to do so can result in penalties. The big question that you are probably now asking yourself is in which states you need to collect sales tax? This varies, but for the most part, you are required to collect and remit sales tax in states where you have a sales tax nexus.

By growing faster than the competition and by presenting low churn rates, the valuation of Amazon's streaming business could skyrocket in a few years. According to Bluesea Research, it may not be an overstatement to say Amazon Prime Video could be a trillion-dollar-company. A recent Seeking Alpha article from Bluesea Research includes valuable information on the video streaming market, leading to an astonishing conclusion: Amazon (AMZN) - Get Free Report Prime Video could be about to become the king of the streaming industry.

What condition do my items need to be in? If you want to recycle electronics that you're not using, Costco and Best Buy both have recycling programs.

The FTC and Fake Tinder Profiles Where the evidence is stacked against Tinder comes in the form of FTC user complaints. Tinder's official stance is that they work against fake profiles and platform misuse, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FTC in 2017 gave way to a release of spreadsheets full of user complaints backed by consumer protection laws. The FOIA states that upon request, the FTC will release user complaints that are based on consumer protection policies. Essentially, this is an effective metric to tell how many legal cases users have against a company. User complaints are centered around spam accounts, catfishing, solicitation, and other illegal activities which Tinder claims to protect its user base against. To reveal such complaints, Allan Dellinger of the Newsweek Media Group requested information on numerous dating-app platforms, among them, Tinder.

Everything Amazon does is for the sake of its customer experience because it knows that's what keeps people coming back. So as a seller, if you can't provide that world-class experience Amazon covets so much, you probably won't last very long. It's that simple - and serious. Amazon only wants merchants that buyers can trust, and seller feedback is an easy way to measure buyer experiences with a seller. Gives sellers a competitive advantage. Today's Amazon shoppers are incredibly review savvy and often use ratings to make purchasing decisions. Seller feedback is a review of your reputation, and nobody wants a bad reputation, right? Poor feedback can send a shopper straight to your competitor. And with upwards of 175,000 new sellers on Amazon in 2020 alone, competition continues to be high!

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Amazon Customer Service said my refund will be processed onto my Amazon balance, not the card I bought it with and the money still has not arrived in my account after 2 days. What do I do? Essentially, keeping t will start building credit. Opening and closing accounts actually has a negative impact on your credit rating.

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*How to register on KDP ✅ Company Website

*How to register on KDP ✅ Company Website

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